Monday, June 13, 2011

scale down either live it...are you let it pass you seems with of late...i've let it pass me by...soooooo busy trying to pay the bills...put GAS in the truck...feed lisa...lucy...zen and myself...trying to make stuff and sell stuff so i can do all these things...spending far more money than i need to...trying to live in this manner that i'm TOLD i should be living...the "american dream"...which i see turning into a nightmare right before my eyes...
AH AH AH...sooooo...whats a fellow to for me i'm the past my blogging has been more about the stuff we make and the process of making it...thats going to change also...and my blog is somehow going to talk of some of the simple changes we can all make just to try and make the world we live a little better...not sure which direction this is all going...but i welcome any feed-back are comments are ideas anyone has...and for me it's time to "Scale Down"...

i'll leave you with this video by Rising Appalachia...whom i LOVE...which happens to be called..."Scale Down"



  1. Great lead into the more important things in life… It's hard to keep on track sometimes when the bills keep piling up.

  2. isn't that kind of the paradox of what we do? we create things for people to buy as we try to simplify and not be material... i know that the creations hold deeper meanings and greater value than your average purchases... but i know i have thought about this... though i know that if i had to stop making what i love, i would lose a part of my soul... and yes, gas in the truck and food on the table - feeling those as well...
    looking forward to your new direction -