Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Burnt Stuff

hi guys...i spent some time yesterday working on some new stuff as well as taking i thought i'd share with you guys this morning...i found this big roll of steel wire but it had this kind-of oily uck-ee coating on it...soooooo...i took out the big torch blasted it with some propane & oxygen...cooled it off and wa la... no more oily uck-ee wire...

so then i started bending and soldering some of the wire...and making some steel jewelry...are what i call jewelry...for me it was kind-of burning man...thunder dome check some of it out and please let me know what you think...let me REALLY know what you think...none of this being nice just to be nice stuff...i want to know...what you here goes...

i love working with this wire i found...and god knows with the cost of silver going up like gas...we need to look at some other choices...anyway this is some of what i did yesterday...i also worked on a mixed media painting...which is something i love to do but have never took the time to do much painting...but times are changing for me...hey theres a huge creative world out there and i want to move forward...and dive in...soooooo...not only will i burn stuff...i'll also paint stuff...find suff and make stuff with what i i did with the steel wire...and i'm having fun along the join in...tell me what you think...let's do some projects together are something...share some of what you are doing with me...lets have some fun...ok i'm off to work on some painting and some wire hammering and soldering today...i'll take some pictures and share some of that stuff with ya'll let's get off the computer...and get to


  1. thanks for your visit. welcome. and welcome to brave new world of the blog thing.


  2. cool stuff...the ear rings remind me of vintage egg beaters...remember those??? i'll date problems tell me how do you solder steel wire??? yes i agree about finding alternative is a must for me

  3. hi shelley...yes i do remember the egg for soldering the steel i use silver solder and flux...

  4. Ah, I would really like to see some more photos of this --- how you work, how you bend und solder, the big torch stuff. I am sure this would make for some great photos! Besides being very interesting.
    Thanks for putting my blog on your link list. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work.