Friday, April 15, 2011

on fire

hi guys...thanks soooooo much for the comments...and wow...i have people who follow my cool is that...anyway...i use to do all the blogging round here but people also wanted to here from my hot wife as time went by she kind-of took over the i got pretty lazy with it also...anyway late last night with a little encourage-ment from my hot wife lisa...she'll read this later and say "oh tony why did you call me that"...but we all know she'll love it and who knows...anyway as you will soon find out i get distracted v-e-r-y easy...

anyway... we sat down and in no time she had me a blog up and going...bout the only thing i did was pick out the name...soooooo...tony burns stuff has begun...i'll leave you guys with a few old pictures of me doing my lost wax casting...but i'm working on some mixed media stuff also...paintings with different metal stuff added to them...but first i have to pull out the torch and burn some stuff...and take some pictures along the way...

ok once again i send out thanks for the comments and the following thing...i'll become follower's of you guys as soon as lisa...that would be my hot wife lisa... shows me how to do that...we'll hang out again soon...i'm off to burn some stuff...


  1. Cool. I love to see what alchemy fire brings out. Looking forward to seeing more of your process Tony! Say hi to that hot wife of yours!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Awesome Tony! Tell that "Hot Wife Lisa" thanks for getting you set up (although I'm sure she'll read this - Thanks Hot Wife Lisa ;) I think it's cool to see both sides of your guys creative life…

    I'm good with kiln "heat". Fire is something that always has intrigued me, but I don't like to mess with it (I always want to touch it, and have no sense of cooling down time). Louise Mehaffey says that is the clay person inside of me - wanting to touch it…

    Can't wait to see pics and descriptions of what they heck you are doing (green flame - orange/green flame) very cool! Or rather "hot" like your wife Lisa… (Lisa, I don't know if you will live that one down anytime soon)

  3. thanks marsha.......thanks.
    and thank you tony,but really?

  4. You're off to a great start in blogdom, Tony! I love what you and Lisa make, so I'll leave the fire for you to play with, you have it mastered! You're both "hot" and "cool", too!

  5. thanks guys...ya'll know how to make a fellow feel good...